Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter in León

This is the sixth in a series of posts on Holy Week in León, Spain.  While Easter Sunday ends the processions and celebrations,  I will have additional photographs and commentary in upcoming posts.

Holy Saturday ended with rain, leaving only the first of the three scheduled Saturday processions to proceed. In The Procession of Santo Cristo Desenclavado,  the dead Jesus is removed from the cross and finds his place in the arms of his Mother, the Virgin Mary.

Christ is removed from the Cross on the paso, preparing the way for is burial and subsequent resurrection.
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A sculpture of Christ in the Arms of his Mother replaces Christ on the Cross.
Easter morning is clear, despite rain that was predicted earlier.  The final procession starts with participants wearing their hoods (capirotes) as they somberly march. 

Hoods, which allow participants to repent in anonymity are no longer needed upon word that Christ has risen.  The rest of the procession takes place without the facial coverings.

Young people are an important part of the Easter celebration.  Here, sisters Irene, age 8 (front), Paula, age 10, and Mónica, age 5, greet spectators lining the path of the procession.  They are veterans of previous processions here in León and continue a family tradition that goes back generations.

Easter comes with the rising of Christ from the tomb.

The final paso portrays the Virgin Mary wearing a Crown of Glory.  In her right hand is a scepter, which replaces a handkerchief that she had carried before.  Tears and sorrow are replaced with joy.
The Virgin Mary is seen as Reina de los Cielos (Queen of Heaven).

I hope you've enjoyed my coverage of Semana Santa (Holy Week) here in León.  There will be more photographs in upcoming blog posts.  I'll also have more posts on food, drink, culture, and other adventures.

Happy Easter to All.

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