Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Great Venue for an Art Exhibition

You can see an exhibition of my photographic paintings in the Luna Gallery of the Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden, Illinois, through June 2.  The opening reception is Saturday, May 4 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Great Blue Herron (20X40) on exhibit at the Yellow Moon Cafe.
Some friends, my family, and I were at the restaurant this Friday to celebrate my wife becoming an American citizen.  We would have been there whether or not my art work was hanging on the walls, because the food is fantastic.

My wife, Maria (second from right) became a U.S. citizen on April 19.  I'm on the far right. My son and daughter (the younger ones around the table) and very good friends, Terry, Alejandro and Pam (left to right), helped us celebrate the occasion.  My artwork is in the background.  We're at the Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden, Illinois. 
It's a gourmet resturant that doesn't try to be pretentious.  The nearby (two or three doors down) anthill gallery curates the exhibitions at the Yellow Moon Cafe.  If you're anywhere in the area (very rural southern Illinois, yet on the very touristic Wine Trail), you should make an effort to drop by.  You'll be impressed by the reasonably priced gourmet fare; you can enjoy a visit to the anthill gallery or nearby vineyards; you can also relax and have a good time.

Some reasons to visit and see my artwork at the gallery:  you love really fine food; you love great artwork (you can visit to see my artwork without being a customer of the cafe); you were a student at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and want to revisit the area; you're a bit bohemian; you love wine and vineyards; you have exceptionally good taste and can combine one or more of the reasons  above.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tulips for Spring Photography

It's spring, and many photographers are out capturing the natural beauty of flowers.  Flowers in their gardens; blooms at the side of the road; wildflowers deep in the woods.

However, the tulips in the photo below came to our house as a gift, and were placed in a vase.

I took them to the front porch and, using a long lens, captured them against my front lawn.  I saw no need to include the vase.  After all, it's about capturing more than the exact reality of the setting.  Yes, they look nice in color, but I like b&w.

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