Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Vendor Children

It is unfortunate that children everywhere do not always enjoy the opportunities of a good education and a secure environment where they can simply be children.

In Guatemala, public schools are sub-par, and Mayan Indian families often rely on the labor of children to help them get by.  Rather than sending them to the classroom, it is not unusual to see children, often very young, selling handmade goods and souvenirs on the street, especially in locations that cater to tourists.  Girls will usually be in their finest traditional Indian clothing.  They will approach whoever passes by and hone their sales skills on the street.
Young girls in Antigua, Guatemala become vendors at an early age.  You can click on photographs for a larger view.
Mayan children at a rural school in Chimaltenango.
A vendor on the steps of the Cathedral in Chichicastenango.

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