Monday, October 22, 2018

Ft. Massac Encampment

The weather was beautiful this weekend in southern Illinois.  Those who planned the 45th annual Ft. Massac Encampment couldn't have picked a better time.

The Encampment is a weekend-long event in which reenactors become authentically uniformed troops, craftsmen, Native Americans, and others from the French, British and American colonial periods.  They proudly interpret history for the tens of thousands of visitors who come to Illinois' first state park to eat authentic colonial food, hear the music of the time, view a battle reenactment, and learn about our American history.  It also gave me the opportunity to photograph some of those who participated in the Encampment.

This gentleman appeared as if he might have stepped out of the 18th century. Reenactors take their parts seriously and do their best to become authentic representations of  those from another time.  (You can click on images in this blog for a closer view.  Hit the ESC key on a PC to return to a normal view.)

This reenactor wears a gorget under this neck.  Gorgets were originally worn with armor to protect the area around the neck.  However, by the 17th and 18th centuries, they had become largely a decorative accessory to show status.
This lady was part of a group of played music from the colonial period.  Multiple musical groups played authentic music.
 A trapper and a Native American in a deep discussion.
Throughout this country (and in other countries) reenactment offer interpretations of  different periods in history.  Whether participating or viewing, it's a great family activity and offers plenty of opportunities for photography.  Do a search for reenactments in your area, and you might be surprised at what you will find.

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