Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spain Means History, Tapas, more Tapas ...and Photographs

My family and I just returned from a trip to Spain, with a side visit to Italy.  We're still suffering from jetlag, but I'm so excited about the trip, I wanted to write this first installment. 

My Mother-in-Law has an apartment in the center of León, Spain.  We stayed with her and took advantage of its perfect location to walk to the tapas bars, drive to nearby villages and cities, and for me, to engage in photography. This blog entry is a preview of some the upcoming entries and photographs you'll be seeing over the next several days and weeks.  I'll have an entry or two specifically about tapas, those wonderful Spanish appetizers or snacks that you get with the order of a beer or glass of wine.  I'll share a visit to Castrillo de los Polvazares, a quiet, traditional village on the Camino de Santiago, near Astorga...and more.

You will also see photographs in the cities, along the roads, and in the bars.  If you have an interest in Spain or are planning a visit, I suggest you might find it useful to subscribe to this blog.
The Gothic Cathedral in León is noted for its beautiful stained glass windows. The medieval streets surrounding it are known as the Barrio Húmedo, the "wet area," full of bars that provide tapas and drinks.

The sidewalks in León are filled with visitors to the bars throughout the night and into the morning hours.

Manolo, one of the bartenders at the Camarote Madrid in León makes sure customers are satisfied with drinks and tapas.

Salmorejo, a cold soup similar to gazpacho, but thicker and smoother, is one of the tapas at the Camarote Madrid.

My son, Brian, took this photo of  me in Castrillo de los Polvazares.

Castrillo de los Polvazares is a scenic village, now visited mainly by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.
Poppies and ruined farm buildings on the way to Salamanca.
Children play in the main plaza at Salamanca.

The mountains of northern Spain offer majestic views.
Don't miss out on my next blog entry where I'll go into detail about tapas, one of my favorite things about León.

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  1. Es sorprendente ver lo que has visto mil veces con otros ojos. Descubres detalles que siempre se te han escapado. Recomiendo León y sus tapas a todo aquel que quiera probarlas, especialmente si cuentan con "guía local".