Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Painting a Pacific Sunset

I didn't do a great deal of fine art photography on our vacation to Guatemala over the Christmas break.  We spent about six day between the holidays on the Pacific coast, where most of my photos were of family,  ocean sunsets, and relaxing around the pool.  However, some of the photos, especially the sunsets were spectacular.  I decided to have a go at painting some of the sunsets:

My son with some of his cousins on the black sand beach.  Click on the image for greater detail.

Pacific coast after sunset.  The black sand is volcanic.  Click on the image for greater detail.

 I just goes to show that you should bring your camera even when photography isn't the primary objective.  These paintings should look great on canvas!

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Mystery of the Miracle Frisbee, an event that took place on the very beaches you see above during our vacation.

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